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shot may email7On family trips to India as a young girl, I remember seeing kids by the roadside who looked just like me, unable to walk or play because they had been afflicted by polio. Globally, one in every five children do not have access to vaccines, and it is just a twist of fate that separated my life from the lives of those children.

As a young pediatrician working in South Sudan, 164 children died under my care, most from diseases preventable by a vaccine. I felt the daily frustration of telling parents again and again that there was nothing I could do to treat their child, when in fact something could have been done. These children should have been vaccinated.

We need to help ensure that all children get the vaccines they need to save their lives, and now is as urgent a time as ever. A polio outbreak has emerged in Somalia and Kenya that, if not contained, could lead to tens of thousands of children being paralyzed.

Whether it’s children at such great risk right now in Somalia and Kenya, or others like those whom I painfully lost, taking action now can help stop more children from suffering.

Tell your elected officials that global vaccination programs, including polio immunization, must be a priority.

Congress has the power to help, and we must tell them it matters.  All children, no matter where they live, deserve a shot at life. 

Thank you for your help,

Gitanjli Arora, MD, FAAP
American Academy of Pediatrics
Shot@Life Champion

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Idaho Immunization Program

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The Idaho chapter of the AAP works in collaboration with the Idaho Immunization Program and district health departments in quality improvement projects in practices. As a universal purchase state, the Idaho Immunization Program provides all recommended childhood vaccines to participating clinics. The AAP chapter is a major participant in the Idaho Immunization Coalition, a grassroots organization that promotes childhood immunization activities. Pediatricians from the AAP chapter are members of statewide committees including the Idaho Childhood Immunization Policy Commission and the Idaho Medical Association Public Health Committee. The AAP chapter has assisted practices applying for Children’s Healthcare Improvement Collaboration demonstration grants from CHIPRA in order that medical homes can strengthen preventive measures including immunizations through information technology. In 2010 the Outstanding Chapter Award in Small Chapter Category was awarded to the Idaho AAP Chapter.

Professional Education

Each issue of the quarterly chapter newsletter has an article is dedicated to immunizations. The chapter’s website maintains weblinks to immunization information. The annual CME conference organized by the chapter has a focus on immunization education (in addition to child abuse, perinatal, and mental health).

Successes in Legislation

Rules for school and day care identical to "all ACIP recommended vaccines"

2010 National Immunization Survey, estimated vaccine coverage (4:3:1:3:1:4 series, excludes Hib) among children aged 19-35 months in Idaho = 66.3%



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